Chop's Power Injector System, 1.9 liter

Chop's Power Injector System, 1.9 liter

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Chop's Power Injector system 1.9 liter! De beste injector die er is wereldwijd!

Hiermee bespaar je tijd en geklungel met kleine injectors, alles word goed verdeeld waardoor je overal in je vlees een egale smaak ervaart.

  • Makkelijk te reinigen
  • Gaat veel in
  • Verdeelt gelijkmatig
  • Product of the year 2017, National Barbecue Association
  • Aangeraden door diverse grote bbq masters!

Let op! Lees voor gebruik de instructies hieronder.


This is Chop's Power Injector Systems the 1/2 Gallon. Chop's 1/2 gallon is one of the best ways you up your game! Take the pain and suffering out of injecting. Save more time!! 

When you open the box you will find we have already done most of the work for you all you need to do is clean the injector system completely before use!

This is important!
Fully sanitize it inside and out!
We use a cap full of bleach and HOT water along with a couple drops of good dish soap.
Fill it up shake it pump it lock on the handle and let all the pressure go through the needle manifold.
Then take the pump out of the container and rinse the inside out with more hot water refill with just hot water put the pump back in pump up and rinse out all your cleaning solution.
Do this after and before EACH use!!
Safety first!!
Use the orange cap as the “wrench” and put it on one of the locks.
You may notice that the needles may point differently that’s ok be careful put the cap back on and unlock the needle and turn it one half turn then re-lock.
Do not remove the manifold from the trigger! Once it is off you will damage the trigger trying to put it back on! If your trigger breaks contact us!

Fill up your tank with your choice of injection(No more than 3/4 full)
Make sure you strain the injection to make sure no large items are going to plug the needles depending on needle size.
Pump it up!
10-20 times test fire your injector in the sink or a container. You will know at that point if the injection is thin enough.
Start on one end of your meat and insert the needles fully push the trigger and pull the needles out.
Once you get the feel for it you will see the meat swell with wonderful flavor!

Remember to clean the system completely inside and out after you are done! Put it back together pump it up and get the water out then open it up and let it dry.

A couple of drops of mineral oil in the pump and in the trigger will help keep thing moving like new after every few uses!